• A double stone ring: more original and elegant
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Double stone rings are the new trend in engagement rings. People today are opting for top-flight engagement rings with a double stone. Double stone rings are usually chosen by people who want an original and unique ring.

A double stone ring: more original and elegant

Diamonds remain great classics, but the trend is now towards double stone rings. This is a popular white gold ring embellished with diamonds, rubies, sapphire, emeralds or other types of precious stones. The double stone ring is much more original, while remaining elegant and timeless.

Thus, with these new models of engagement rings, diamonds are set face to face. Whether placed horizontally or vertically, precious stones can take all possible forms, for example an oval shape, or indeed pear or princess. Double-stone rings give off a modern vibe and even more extraordinary finish.

Diamonds are also available in geometric or symmetrical shapes, but also in different or identical sizes. Read this article on how to choose the perfect diamond and contact the BAUNAT team to help you with your decision.

A double stone ring to stand out

With double diamond engagement rings, your fiancée will end up seeing double! It is even possible to combine two diamonds of different colours, just like two varieties of precious stones. Thanks to its many creative possibilities, more and more women prefer double stone rings.

Compared to the classic solitaire, the double stone engagement ring is much more unique and even more refined. Go to this page to find out all the engagement rings sold by BAUNAT.

Creating a double diamond engagement ring

An engagement ring marking the union with twice the prosperity and twice the passion: the double stone ring is the latest trend. In addition to its elegance and unparalleled refinement, the double stone ring also has the advantage of being tailor-made and according to the model chosen by the future husband or the couple.

While diamonds remain the precious stone par excellence for an engagement ring, you can also opt for other types of precious stones, like ruby or emerald, when designing your ring.

The double diamond engagement ring is actually very elegant, but for an even more unique look, you can adorn your ring with a combination of two different precious stones. For example a diamond and a ruby, the same size or different sizes: the important thing is to opt for an even more unique and exceptional finish.

At BAUNAT, expert jewellers accompany you in the design and selection of diamonds for an even more original and unique double diamond ring. Contact us for more information on double stone rings.

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