Weddings are beautiful and memorable, for the bride and groom, as well as the family and friends celebrating that day of love and being together. Whether you are getting married in a Chinese, Indian, American or a southern European wedding ceremony, it has been observed that although some traditions may naturally differ, there are a few steps in each ceremony type that carry a lot of similarities throughout the different cultures.

  • Which traditions are similar?
  • Choosing the perfect bridal set as part of the wedding tradition

Which traditions are similar?

The two main similarities that really seem to appear throughout the world in different cultures are the fact that the groom never sees the bride wearing the wedding dress before the ceremony and the custom of purchasing bridal sets or special wedding jewellery to wear on the special day.

It is said to bring bad luck to the marriage if the groom were to see the bride wearing the wedding dress before the actual day of the ceremony and the ceremony itself. It is a romantic notion that remains part of the traditions today in most cultures, as brides want to keep the effect of surprise and make the day even more memorable. Originally the idea actually came from the time when marriages were mostly arranged by the parents, where the man and future wife were not supposed to physically see each other before the day of the wedding.

The other custom which seems to be quite present, is the importance of wearing jewellery on your wedding day. In traditional weddings in India and China, the motto seems to be: “the more, the better”, with a preference for large and more imposing bridal sets and jewellery.

In most European countries and America, it is slightly different. Jewellery is just as important, but it tends to be subtler with coordinated types of bridal sets.

Choosing the perfect bridal set as part of the wedding tradition

Bridal sets are essentially composed of an engagement ring and wedding band that match perfectly. For certain designs in particular, the two rings become one ring when worn together after the wedding day. You could also add to the bridal sets the diamond or pearl earrings and eventually a necklace, but it would become more of a parure.

Bridal sets are becoming more common as more women today actually wear their engagement ring on a daily basis. A bridal set can be very intricate and become a flawless integration of 2 rings that literally blend together, or it can be a composition of two identical designs that if worn separately, remain beautiful on their own.

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