In the life of a couple, one only gets engaged once. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose an engagement ring that is resistant to shock, water, etc,…

Traditionally, it is the man who asks his beloved to marry him, by giving her a diamond ring. In general, he gives her a solitaire diamond ring, a timeless engagement ring that doesn’t get out of fashion.

What is a diamond solitaire?

A solitaire diamond is a simple ring with a unique diamond in the center of the ring. Over time, the design of the ring can change, but the concept of the diamond that is in the center, will always be used so that they may continue to speak of a ‘diamond solitaire’.

Not only the shape and the size of the diamond may vary depending on the model, but also the type of metal. You can find, for example at BAUNAT, a diamond solitaire in yellow gold, white gold, red gold or even platinum, and all of these set with a unique diamond.

A diamond solitaire for everyone

A solitaire diamond has several advantages. Although it is a very simple ring, it always continues to retain a certain class. Moreover, it suits almost any outfit. The diamond solitaire goes very well with a cocktail dress, a city dress, a work outfit, but also with a wedding dress.

How to choose your diamond solitaire?

Within the engagement collection, BAUNAT offers various types of diamond solitaire rings. Whatever your budget may be, whether you are looking for a white golden diamond ring, yellow golden solitaire, a red golden ring with side diamonds, or even a diamond platinum ring, there will always be a ring that fits your preference.

The quality of diamond solitaire rings at BAUNAT

BAUNAT gives high priority to the quality of the product that is offered to its clients. In the showroom of Paris and Antwerp you can have a look at all the jewels and you will notice that these are priced much sharper than elsewhere. In short, BAUNAT is able to offer an authentic, personalized and certified diamond ring, combined with a warm welcome.

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