It has been an ongoing tradition in many cultures, for the bride and groom-to-be to exchange wedding gifts, either shortly before the wedding, on the day itself or even just after the celebrations. Although it is not an official tradition and not all marrying couples actually exchange gifts, it really is a lovely little thought that makes the day even more memorable. What are the perfect gifts you can give one another? Here are some ideas for him and for her.

  • From groom to bride
  • From bride to groom

From groom to bride

You cannot go wrong if you buy your lady a special pair of earrings, a sparkly diamond pendant or any other jewellery gift. This particular present will always be associated to this wonderful day that made you husband and wife.

Marking the day with a piece of jewellery you have chosen for your bride as the symbol of your union, aside from the wedding and engagement ring of course, is a lovely way to complement the memories of the day.

Unless you know exactly what you wish to buy, you may ask her mother or friend for details about the wedding jewellery your fiancée may or may not have bought for the wedding. That is to avoid duplicating the jewellery and not having the same surprise effect.

Another very cute idea is buying objects that say Wifey or Mrs or Mr & Mrs on them. They may seem a little tacky, but they are romantic in a way and any bride would find it lovely to receive a special t-shirt, a mug or even a piece of jewellery that says Mrs for example.

From bride to groom

A lovely idea for your hubby-to-be is to stitch a little note or symbol that is related to your story somewhere in a hidden spot. You can sow a little heart with your initials or maybe a word that has meaning to you, there are many options out there. As to the hidden spot, it could be behind his tie, or maybe on the inside pocket of his blazer, a place that is hidden to all eyes except his.

If you are looking for a specific jewellery gift you could buy him a pair of modern cufflinks. These cufflinks could be worn by him on the wedding day and after that. You can personalise them in the same way as mentioned above, with a Mr & Mrs for example or maybe with stunning diamonds.

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