A BAUNAT pear-shaped pink diamond ring

Why choose a pink diamond over a white one?

Why should I buy a pink diamond? • The experts at BAUNAT explain • Find out all you need to know about pink diamonds

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Where can you find a stylish vintage engagement ring?

What makes a typical vintage engagement ring? • BAUNAT has the expertise to guide you to the answer • Find out here what to look for in a vintage engagement ring

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Elegant Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Why is Valentine’s Day so popular and which gift for him would be ideal for this day? BAUNAT has a timeless collection of cufflinks and remarkable watches.

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woman buys jewellery online

How is the digital era transforming how we buy jewellery online today?

What are the steps when you buy jewellery online? The digital era has considerably transformed our buying habits. BAUNAT is your perfect online jeweller.

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Hoops: versatile earrings for every occasion

What makes hoops such perfect earrings for every occasion? Thanks to their timelessness and versatility. BAUNAT offers a few fabulous hoop designs.

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Mixing & layering will be the key words for 2019s gold necklace trend

What will be the trend for gold necklaces next year? Mixed metals and layering will be in the spotlight and BAUNAT has the perfect collection for it.

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