Many different stones fall under the category of precious or semi-precious stones, but the sapphire is one of the best known of all. Its beauty, rarity and durability are astonishing. Just like ruby, sapphire consists of the mineral corundum. The sky-blue colour is the result of contaminated iron particles in the stone. But why is buying a sapphire engagement ring such an excellent idea, and what is the history and meaning behind this special stone?

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Where does the name "sapphire" come from?

Before buying a sapphire engagement ring, you might like to know a little more about this precious stone. The name “sapphire” comes from Hebrew from Old Persian. Some language experts believe the name originates from a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘loved by Saturn’. According to Hindustani superstition, a sapphire brings good luck to the wearer under the influence of the planet of Saturn. In the past, all blue stones, including blue diamonds, were called sapphires, though they have been clearly defined since the 19th century.

What is a sapphire, and what colours do they come in?

Before buying a sapphire engagement ring, you might like to know a little more about this precious stone. The name “sapphire” comes from Hebrew from Old Persian. Some language experts believe the name originates from a Sanskrit term, meaning‘loved by Saturn'’. According to Hindustani superstition, a sapphire brings good luck to the wearer under the influence of the planet of Saturn. In the past, all blue stones,including blue diamonds, were called sapphires, though they have been clearly defined since the 19th century.

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How does it differ from a blue diamond?

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Both blue sapphire jewellery and blue diamond jewellery contain a coloured precious stone. Coloured stones are very popular now, but not everyone can afford coloured diamonds. The standard price of good-quality white diamonds is more expensive than sapphires, and blue diamonds are worth even more. For example, the blue Oppenheimer diamond went under the hammer for €50.82 million at Christie’s, Geneva in 2016.

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So, the price of a blue sapphire engagement ring or pendant is lower than a blue diamond. The most expensive and largest sapphire in the world does, however, have a rather hefty price tag. It was found in a mine in southern Sri Lanka. According to experts, the value of this sapphire, christened the ‘Star of Adam’, is between €90 and €160 million .

High-quality sapphires are certainly no less beautiful than diamonds, although they do have a little bit less sparkle. Buy a blue diamond or blue sapphire engagement ring? The choice is yours!

What is the symbolism behind sapphires?

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The beautiful colour is one reason to buy a sapphire engagement ring, but the symbolism could also be a decisive factor. The meaning behind sapphires differs from one civilisation to the next. Some people believed that a blue sapphire protected you against magic and witchcraft

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Others believed that the precious stone gave you strength, honour, virtue and immortality. The sapphire also stood for wealth and prevented arguments. Today, sapphires are mainly thought to symbolise truth, love, purity and sincerity.

The sapphire’s sky-blue colour is the reason the stone has been attributed so many powers. Alternative healers believe that sapphires contain energetic and healing properties. In India, they were convinced that blue sapphires could open the third eye and were the point for accessing exceptional wisdom and insight. When the ancient Greeks consulted the Oracle of Delphi, they always had a blue sapphire with them.
The sapphire’s sky-blue colour is one reason that the sapphire is believed to have spiritual properties.
The Bible also mentions sapphires a few times. Sapphires supposedly encourage feelings of deep devotion and a peaceful soul. Sapphire jewellery was and still is very popular among spiritualists for this reason. They wear the stone as a symbol of heaven. In the 12th century, Pope Innocent III instructed his bishops to wear a gold ring with a sapphire to get closer to the spiritual truth and stay virtuous. Some Christians refer to the star sapphire as the Stone of Destiny: the star’s three crossbars stand for Faith, Hope and Destiny. They used the sapphire as a talisman on journeys to protect them against illness, the Evil Eye and demons.

Why is the blue sapphire often called a 'royal precious stone'?

Sapphires are not just excellent for engagement rings; you could also consider buying a tiara like this one!  - Sapphires are not just excellent for engagement rings; you could also consider buying a tiara like this one!
Sapphires have always been popular due to their astonishing beauty. According to Jewish tradition, the ten commandments were carved in sapphire. The reference to heaven is probably not a coincidence but due to the admiration for cornflower blue. It was probably for the same reason that Greece chose sapphire as its national stone. People with royal blood, nobility and spiritualists had their cloaks decorated with blue sapphires. It was a symbol of wealth and power, and the stones were also said to protect them against jealousy and deceitfulness. According to legend, Helen of Troy owned a star sapphire. Napoleon gave his wife Josephine a seven-part set of jewellery with 29 sapphires.
Sapphires decorated the clothes and jewellery of many kings and queens.
Kate Middleton wore the same sapphire engagement ring that was bought for Lady Di. See the engagement announcement photos in this image.
The British Royal Family has a particular penchant for sapphires. Two gorgeous sapphires, the Saint Edward and the Stuart, are part of the British Crown Jewels. And many will still remember Lady Diana’s stunning and very expensive sapphire engagement ring, now worn by Kate Middleton. 

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It was a white gold 18-carat ring set with a 12-carat blue oval sapphire surrounded by 14 small diamonds. The ring stayed in the family after her death. Diana’s son William even proposed to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, with the blue sapphire ring. So why not buy a sapphire engagement ring for your loved one for a royal touch?

Diana also had other blue sapphire jewellery. As such, Kate is now the owner of a gorgeous pair of sapphire earrings. The pair matches her sapphire engagement ring and were part of a wedding gift from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

Three famous sapphires

Due to their beautiful blue colour, sapphires are sometimes sold for incredible prices. And yet, it is not only the colour that is important, but the history of sapphires also plays a role. Here are three famous sapphires from history:

  • Napoleon’s sapphire engagement ring: The ring that Napoleon gave to Josephine is set with a spectacular pear-shaped sapphire and diamond in a mirror image. This sapphire ring in a Toi & Moi design is thus an ideal engagement ring. The ring was sold at auction for $1.17 million in 2013.
  • So if you buy a sapphire engagement ring, you are following in powerful footsteps!

  • Stuart Sapphire: The Stuart Sapphire is one of the precious stones decorating the English Crown Jewels. This sapphire has a rather turbulent history. Its location was often unknown throughout history. Nonetheless, it was taken to France after the Glorious Revolution in 1688. In 1807, the stone returned to the United Kingdom from Italy. Today, the Stuart Sapphire can be seen in the Tower of London.

  • The Blue Belle of Asia: This unique precious stone was sold for $17 million in 2014. It broke the record for the most expensive sapphire in the world sold at a public auction. It was bought in 1937 as a gift for Queen Elizabeth II for her coronation. However, the Queen never received it. The necklace the sapphire is set in is now part of the private collection of a Saudi collector.

Why buy a sapphire engagement ring?

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With its intense blue appearance, the sapphire is perfect as an accent for an engagement ring. Wedding jewellery with sapphires has gained popularity since Kate Middleton was given Lady Diana’s sapphire engagement ring in 2010. You could also choose this timeless and contemporary jewellery as a gift for your 16th, or ‘sapphire’, wedding anniversary. 

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Which month has the sapphire as its birthstone?

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According to tradition, every month has a birthstone. Whether fact or fable, it is still a lovely gesture to gift a loved one jewellery containing their birthstone. Sapphire is the birthstone for people born in September. So, if your future spouse was born in September, then buying a sapphire engagement ring would be a great choice.

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Sapphire is also the birthstone of the star signs of Aries and Virgo. In Chinese astrology, it is the birthstone of the Tiger. Astrologists associate the blue sapphire with the planet of Venus. That is why the precious stone represents Friday, the day associated with Venus. So all of these would be perfect reasons for buying a sapphire engagement ring.

How are blue sapphires used?

In the Middle Ages, people still fiercely believed in blue sapphires' healing properties. As such, Charles V is said to have had a sapphire ring with which he touched people’s eyes to heal them.
According to alternative healers, sapphires have spiritual and healing properties.
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A more worldly application can be found in industry because of its hardness. Sapphires have proven useful in infrared concepts, durable windows, the glass for wristwatches, micro-electronics, smartphone screens and bullet-proof glass.

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What should you think about when buying a sapphire for an engagement ring or other piece of jewellery?

Would you like to buy a sapphire engagement ring, a beautiful pair of sapphire earrings or a sapphire bracelet? Then, there are a few things to consider. With green emeralds, red rubies and blue sapphires, the colour intensity determines the stone’s value . With sapphires, the deeper the blue, the more valuable the sapphire is. Furthermore, the clarity (number of inclusions) and cut enable the colour to really shine through. An expert gem cutter will consider the direction of the crystal structure.
A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever.
The origins of the sapphire can also reveal a lot. Blue sapphires can be found at sites in eastern Australia, China, Thailand and East Africa. But the highest quality sapphires traditionally come from Kashmir, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The most expensive sapphire, the Star of Adam, and the sapphires in the British Crown Jewels were mined on this island in the Indian Ocean.

How can I incorporate blue, and a blue sapphire in particular, into my wedding?

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Do you want to feel like a real princess? Do you want a unique wedding or engagement ring and one with significance? Would you like to be original at your wedding? Look no further! A sapphire wedding ring and a blue theme could be the perfect solution for you. Sapphires not only look incredible but incorporating blue in your wedding jewellery, such as a sapphire necklace, also has a symbolic meaning. 
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Nowadays, blue is a trendy choice for a colour theme for a wedding. You can take it much further than simply buying a sapphire and diamond engagement ring and/or blue wedding jewellery. Why not ask all your bridesmaids to wear blue dresses? Top tip: Consult a wedding dress specialist and choose dresses from the same collection as the wedding dress so that the styles match.

Start the most special day of your life in style by arriving at your wedding in a blue wedding car. Light-blue classic cars are ideal for couples who love vintage style, and navy-blue luxury cars are the perfect choice for newlyweds who prefer a classic style.

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Golden tip: Choose blue bridesmaids’ dresses from the same collection as the wedding dress.
Many brides are not keen on wearing their wedding gowns all day. After a while, it can become uncomfortable, especially if your beautiful wedding dress has a long train. A good solution is to get an evening dress for the party. Then you could pick a stylish blue dress to wear for the rest of the reception. Complete your new style with a pair of chic blue pumps, or why not even go for a pair of comfortable blue trainers to conquer the dance floor? The sapphire earrings and sapphire pendant you wore during the wedding ceremony will complete your outfit. The light from the spotlights will guarantee your sapphire wedding ring sparkles even more. Nowadays, you can even buy rings with a raw sapphire.

Why should I buy sapphire jewellery from BAUNAT?

At this point, it is probably obvious that it is a good idea to buy a sapphire engagement ring or even other sapphire jewellery. The sparkle and significance of these beautiful precious stones are almost unparalleled. Why, then, should you buy a sapphire engagement ring from BAUNAT?

Our experts only work with the highest-quality materials. You can rest assured that your sapphire ring or necklace will be of the very best quality. We also buy our precious stones directly from the source. In that way, we avoid unnecessary intermediaries and can sell our jewellery online for 30% to 50% cheaper.
Can you still not decide which sapphire engagement ring or pair of earrings to buy? Then, BAUNAT’s jewellery experts are always available to provide advice on finding the right jewellery to suit your style.

You could also consider having sapphire jewellery custom-made. Working with our experts, you can design the item of jewellery entirely how you want it. BAUNAT provides a 3D drawing so you can see what your jewellery will look like beforehand.

Find out more about other precious stones

There is so much more to discover about sapphires and other precious stones or precious metals. Would you like to become a real jewellery expert? Then read the blogs below.

Frequently asked Questions

How to identify a sapphire? What does a sapphire look like

To the question, "what does a sapphire look like?", most people would answer, "like a sky-blue gemstone". Although the colour is typical (previously all blue gemstones were called sapphires, blue diamonds as well), there are also yellow, orange and purple sapphires. The blue variant is certainly the most popular and most valuable.

What kinds of sapphire are there?

The most beautiful sapphires of the highest quality have a superb sky-blue colour. The blue sapphire is particularly popular with the aristocracy and royalty (see the British crown jewels!), and is often gladly set in wedding jewels as an accent colour. Hence, Kate Middelton received sapphire earrings as a wedding gift from the King of Saudi Arabia. The world's most valuable sapphire is the Blue Belle of Asia with a selling price of 17 million dollars!

How expensive is a sapphire?

All through human history,sapphires were always especially sought after because of their unique beauty. The stones decorated the robes of nobles and the crowns of kings. Sapphires are not only divinely beautiful but also quite rare. They are often used as an alternative to ultra-expensive blue diamonds, although they are also valuable themselves. The colour and size ultimately determine what is paid for a specific sapphire.

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