No, a diamond cannot physically shrink, but if you wear your diamond ring daily, the central stone might look smaller over time. Dirt, dust and damage can make diamonds shine less,  which makes them look dull. That’s a shame, because a diamond is meant to keep shining. This is why we’ll sum up some tips for you here:

Don’t wear the ring for a while

This might sound strange, but it does work. By keepiang your diamond ring in its box for a few days, you will appreciate it more afterwards. You just had enough of the ring for a while, and that’s not strange if you wear it every day.


A dirty diamond will shine less bright. Diamonds naturally attract grease, so dirt and dust get stuck on it. Therefore, try to regularly clean your diamond ring. This is very easy with lukewarm, soapy water and a soft brush, but a jewel cleaner is also an option. With a clean diamond, you simply impress more. 

Combine rings

By wearing other rings together with your diamond ring, it’ll be a real eye catcher and it’ll steal all the attention. Combine different models, styles and even precious metals, just cut yourself loose!

Add a halo

By adding a halo, the central diamond will look bigger. This can be a fun idea for a present to celebrate an anniversary. In any case, extra diamonds make a woman happy. 

Side stones

Add diamonds next to the central stone and your diamond ring will look bigger. Was your budget tight back then and couldn’t you surprise her with a big diamond, this is your chance to make it up!

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